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How Am I Ready To Send Money From PayPal To Cash App?

Since 1998, PayPal has become one among the foremost popular online money transfer platforms.

Whether you're looking to urge reimbursed for an evening out on the town together with your best friends, or you are a freelancer looking to urge commissioned for your work, PayPal is one among the foremost popular ways to receive a money transfer. Since then, numerous money transfer apps have surfaced, including Cash App and Venmo.

If you are looking to transfer money directly from your PayPal account to the Cash App, or the other way around, at this point it's impossible to try to either directly.

However, you'll transfer money from one to the opposite, but you'll need to do an additional step and transfer it to your checking account first.

How to send money from PayPal to your bank account?

  1. Log into your PayPal account and click on "Transfer Money."
  2. Click "Transfer to your Bank."
  3. Enter the amount of funds you're curious about transferring.
  4. Revaluate all the knowledge regarding your bank transfer then click "Transfer Now."
  5. Head to your "Wallet" on PayPal and click on "Done."

How to add money to the Cash App from your bank account?

  1. Launch the Cash App on your phone.
  2. Head to your account balance.
  3. Click on "Add Cash" between pop-up options and choose the amount of funds you would like to feature.
  4. Click "Add." After, the quantity is going to be added to the Cash App.
  5. Enter your PIN or use Touch ID to verify the transfer.

After you confirm the transfer, the cash from your checking account are going to be available on your Cash App profile. Although the method takes a couple of additional steps, this is often currently the sole thanks to transfer money from PayPal to your Cash App account.